As environmentalists and government agencies continue to create regulations, increase disclosure requirements and establish moratoriums to inhibit development of our natural resources and your assets, ECO-FRAC™ has the solution: 

ECO-FRAC™ has a fracture fluid formulation, which in contrast to current blends, is environmentally safe and biodegradable.

We use propylene-based compounds that have been cleared for use in certain food contact and cosmetics. Additionally they are used in household/kitchen cleaning products.

ECO-FRAC™ is owned by ECO-FRAC,LLC with Patent Pending :: contact: Martin Plishka, :: 602.738.0302
Introducing ECO-FRAC™ 
A Revolutionary, Non-toxic and Eco-friendly Fracing Fluid
ECO-FRAC™ Benefits:

→ Low Flammability

→ Excellent solubility of 
    heavy hydrocarbons

→ Excellent toxicity                  profile/biodegradable

→ No negative aquatic             issues 
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​Environmentally Safe Fracing Fluids

Be at the forefront of this cutting edge, 
clean fracking technology that will change the face of the industry and the future of oil and gas drilling. 

The industry's only citrus-based line of hydraulic fracturing products.